1922 Ford Model T

Speedster body over an original Model T chassis and engine. This car will reach speeds in excess of 55 MPH, a bit thrilling considering the Wood spoke artillery wheels.

The photo was taken when the car and gas pumps were on display at the Valley River Shopping center Mall in Eugene, Or.

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 Ruckstell two speed differential.

 Model A intake manifold.

 Model A exhaust manifold.

 Model A Zenith carburetor.

 6 volt Alternator.

 Modern Texas T distributer with electronic ignition.

 Electric Start.

 New steering shaft.

 Aooga horn.

 Brass bulb horn.

 Brass mirrors.

 Brass horn bracket.

 Brass moto meter and wing.

 Brass radiator pipe.

 Grey tires.

 Powder coated red wheel rims.

 New oak Wheel spokes.

 New chrome hub covers.

 21 coats of Yellow Lacquer paint.

 6 coats of black paint on sand blasted frame.

 Freshly re-built long block.

 Stainless steel step plate.

 Electric rear stop light.

 Changed from Grey to White tires in May 2015

 Added brass horns .

 Added brass fire extinguishers.