12" (30 cm.) 12" French bebe with closed mouth attributed to Henri Delcroix, rare size 1. 

Bisque socket head with very full cheeks, large blue glass paperweight inset eyes with rich spiral threading, dark eyeliner, painted features, closed mouth with outlined lips, pierced ears, French composition and wooden fully-jointed body with straight wrists, nicely costumed. Marks: 1. Excellent condition with slight paint rub at left side of head, and tiniest eye rim flake. Attributed to Henri Delcroix, Paris, circa 1888; bebes by Delcroix are very rare to find, and this petite size is especially so.

EARLY, ALL-ORIGINAL CARVED WOODEN DOLL WITH DISTINCTIVE FACE. 17 . Carved wooden shoulderhead with center-parted short black hair with carved comb-marks, painted blue eyes, tapered brows, red lips, blushed cheeks, slender muslin body with carved wooden lower arms and legs with painted dark red high-top boots, original fitted two-piece cotton dress, cotton slip and pantaloons, 1952 blue ribbon from Charles W. Bowers Memorial Museum in Santa Ana, California. Commentary: All-original, retaining lovely original finish, excellent condition.

EARLY CARVED WOODEN ENGLISH DOLL KNOWN AS "QUEEN ANNE". 14 ". All wooden doll with one piece carved head and torso, large enamel glass inset eyes, dot-painted lashes and brows, well-shaped nose, closed mouth, highly-blushed cheeks, blonde wig, cloth upper arms, wooden lower arms, wooden legs with thin white painted finish, jointed hips and knees, fitted antique silk gown with lace trim over heavy, shaped and quilted silk petticoat, matching silk hat, ivory silk slippers. Commentary: Very expressive and refined model of the rare, early 18th century dolls; very good condition with original finish, wonderful definition of features, lustrous patina.


Item Description:
Bisque socket head, brown glass paperweight inset eyes, painted features, closed mouth with richly-outlined lips, pierced ears, brunette human hair hand-tied wig over cork pate, French composition and wooden eight-loose-ball-jointed body. Marks: R. 1 D. (head) Nadaud Paris R. 1 D. (body). Excellent condition, light nose rub. Rabery and Delphieu, circa 1885, the bebe has beautiful antique costume and her original early eight-loose-ball jointed body with original finish,the body with rare maker's signature as well as the stamp of the luxury 19th century Parisian doll shop of Nadaud.


STUNNINGLY-BEAUTIFUL EARLY "FIGURE C" FRENCH BEBE BY STEINER. Marks: Figure C No. 6, J.Steiner Bte SGDG Paris. 28". Bisque socket head with rounded childlike modeling, blue paperweight eyes, mauve-blushed eye-shadow, fringed and feathered brows, closed mouth with shaded and accented lips, upturned lip corners, pierced ears, original mohair wig over Steiner purple cardboard pate, Steiner composition and wooden fully-jointed body, most becoming antique frock of dark olive green and teal blue fabric with extensive smocking detail on bodice and sleeves, teal blue silk bonnet with shirred brim, quilted teal blue silk shoes with ankle-strap closing. Commentary: Superb painting. delicate facial blush on eyelids, cheeks and chin, finest quality bisque with lustrous patina enhanced by deep paperweight eyes, excellent original body with original finish, beautiful antique costuming from head to toe.