Marcella, A Raggedy Ann Story™

Description: 17" tall, Marcella constructed of felt with a molded face with hand painted features and ball-jointed knees. Dress of custom-dyed cotton gauze with hand-cobbled leather shoes and felt and silk cloche-style hat. Custom-made display base made of wood and molded felt covered with handmade felt flowers and leaves. Includes 6" Raggedy Ann™ and Raggedy Andy™ also made of felt with hand painted features. Diameter of the base: 14"; overall height: 16".

Date of Release: 2005

Edition Notes: Ltd. Ed. 100.
Made for the annual Doll & Teddy Bear Expo, Washington, DC.

 $ 2,700.00

Blonde Ponytail Barbie #3 in Blue "Knitting Pretty" Ensemble.

$ 855.00

Simon and Halbig.


$ 590.00



$ 600.00