Leon Casimir Bru, circle/dot   circa 1878 


Item Description:
17" (43 cm.) Pressed bisque swivel head with very plump cheeks and throat, on kid-edged bisque shoulder plate with modeled bosom and shoulder blades, brown glass paperweight inset eyes, thick dark eyeliner, painted dark curly lashes, brush-stroked and multi-feathered brows, shaded nostrils, closed mouth with defined teeth between the shaded and outlined lips, pierced ears, blonde mohair wig over cork pate, kid bebe body with gusset-jointing, curved kid arms with bisque forearms and hands. Marks: (crescent and circle/dot impression on back of head) Bte SGDG (forehead crown rim). Comments: Leon Casimir Bru, circa 1878. Value Points: exceptional sculpting with very sensual expression enhanced by finest bisque and painting, original sturdy body, original perfect hands, wearing fine antique coral silk dress, fancy bonnet, undergarments, kidskin shoes, stockings.



From Theriault's Antique Doll Auctions

Dallas, Texas at the InterContinental Luxury Hotel


Dionne Quintuplet Nurse Leroux Doll .


1935 Nurse Yvonne Leroux doll (Betty face mold) 13" tall.



 French Bisque “Bleuette” Doll.


leon Bru

Lady Doll

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Very desirable French Poupée peau with bisque socket head incised “C” with smiling face reminiscent of Empress Eugenie made by Bru, long leathered eyebrows, blue threaded glass eyes, painted upper and lower eyelashes, light mauve eye shadow, smiling closed mouth with lip shading strokes, pierced ears, cork pate, original blonde mohair wig; bisque shoulder plate, full kid body (wear on fingers); festival costume appears all original with straw hat, underwear and leather boots (quite a bit of wear on boots, some holes in back of wool skirt).
Condition (Excellent). Size 13" T.


Simon & Halbig


German bisque socket head incised “1308 A S & H 2” made by Simon & Halbig from their rare 1308 series of 5 letter characters, this one being “A.” Great modeling on this character face with molded multi-stroked black eyebrows, dark inset glass eyes, broad nose, red parted lips with tiny white molded teeth, molded handlebar mustache, chin cleft hair, antique black mohair wig; original jointed composition body with original finish; gondolier costume appears original with white suit, red sash, striped shirt, shoes, stockings and straw hat.
Condition (Excellent). Size 11 - 1/2" T.

 Morphys Auction

Bru Jne No. 12

Bisque socket head incised "Bru Jne 12" on bisque shoulder plate with molded breasts and incised "Bru Jne No. 12" (short red line on back of neck at the mark; tiny, tiny eye flake on right inner corner) with gorgeous dark brown paperweight eyes with threaded irises, mauve eye shadow, painted upper and lower eyelashes, closed mouth with lip shading strokes and molded tongue, pierced ears, cork pate, replaced human hair wig with long curls; original Chevrot-style kid body with original Bru paper label and kid over wood upper arms and legs, bisque lower arms with beautifully modeled fingers (professional repair on one finger) and composition lower legs; beautifully made teal blue dress of antique silk with gathered inset down the front and pleated ruffle at the hem(large for her), with matching velvet hat, antique drawers, original leather shoes marked "Bru Jne Paris 11". The most beautiful and desirable face of the Bru Jne models!Condition (Excellent). Size 28" T.


Very Rare Exposition “Raggedy Ann” Doll.

1935, Exposition Doll & Toy Mfg. Co. All cloth with printed face, round pie-eyes, dark red yarn hair with distinctive top knot, red striped stocking legs, removable black felt shoes; original dress, apron and pantaloons. Wonderful and very desirable addition to a Raggedy collection! (Light soil and fading to face and dress).
Condition (Very Good). Size 18"



GERMAN BISQUE DOLL BY KESTNER. Marks: M made in Germany 16/ 171. 29". Bisque socket head, brown sleep eyes, painted lashes, feathered brows, open mouth, shaded and accented lips, upper teeth, brunette synthetic wig, original Kestner composition ball-jointed body stamped "Germany" back hip, dressed in Scottish costume consisting of black velvet jacket, vest and hat, green/black plaid skirt, patent leather shoes. Commentary: Fine quality bisque and decoration, excellent original body with original finish.



FRENCH BISQUE POUPEE ATTRIBUTED TO BARROIS. Marks: None. 14”. Bisque swivel head on bisque shoulderplate, cobalt blue inset glass eyes, painted lashes, eyeliner, multi-stroked and widely-arched brows, pierced-in ears, closed mouth, shaded and accented lips, auburn human hair wig over cork pate, gusset-jointed kid leather fashion body, separately-stitched fingers, cream silk fashion gown, pink leather slippers.