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Thursday, August 21, 2014

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RESTORING THIS 1921 Ford Model T

Sold this car in 2009

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If you are looking for the “Custom Furniture” web site, it no longer exists. I retired and the business no longer operates under that name. I owned this domain name and am just continuing to use it. Want to buy it? Make me an offer.

This is our stable of 8 antique and  classic cars, they range from 1922 to 1966.


Well, I thought we were out of space in the Coral, but with a little clever rearranging I found room for two more. So on Thursday the 12th of June we drove up to Seattle to attend the Mecum car auction. Guess what followed us home? Hint little red car on the left.  We found the green speedster in Portland, we are for sure full up now. All 8 classics plus Ruby's daily driver are garaged, the pickup gets to camp outside.


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Sold the green 25 Speedster and bought this 1931 fully restored Ford Model “A” Roadster

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