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Sunday, September 6, 2015

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RESTORING THIS 1921 Ford Model T

Sold this car in 2009

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Our current collection


1922 Ford Speedster yellow

1926 Ford Speedster yellow  SOLD

1929 Ford Speedster red

1931 Ford Roadster  blue

1931 Ford Coupe  tan   SOLD

1937 Ford sedan  black

1957 Ford Thunderbird  white

1966 Ford Mustang white

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I like speedsters, but I cannot possibly keep everyone I get. So I have resorted to buying them, bringing them back to life and after enjoying them for a spell, selling them and starting all over with another. It keeps me out of trouble and someone else gets to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

I restored these two Ford Model “T”s

Climate controlled garage holds 7 cars even with the man cave section. 4 in a row, one up on hoist one between car under hoist and man cave and two in original  garage. Without the man cave it holds 9, 10 if some are on dollies, but this leaves very little if any room to work on them without moving some outside. None of these cars are ever left outside.

FAMILY PHOTO, two of these have been sold since the photo was taken, the tan model A, and the red speedster in front. All are stored inside. How’s it done? Click photo to see

Car storage, click photo to see how it’s done.